I am so in love with DTV. I finally set up the converter box on the tv in my bedroom. My new house isn't wired for cable upstairs so I had to get one or face static starting today.

The build-up to the dtv switch has been a long time coming. I've not only had to hear about it as a rabbit ears afficianado, but also because it has been a big issue at work.

My tv signal is so clear now! It is amazing. I love the channel guide and bonus network weather and pbs channels--it means more masterpiece, lydia and sandra brown reruns! I hope that I'll get a better telemundo reception soon cause you know how much I like telenovelas.

It doesn't hurt that it only cost me less than $13 with a government coupon to get more and clearer channels. I refuse to ever pay for cable (except when forced by roommates, of course) so I'll be sporting this converter box until my old tv dies or I'm forced to upgrade again.

Good luck to all the other rabbit ear folks out there. I hope the switch was just as painless for you!

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