Sunday Evening

I like it when I do something new and out of my normal routine. I find that it is then that I learn something new about DC or myself.

Tonight, I decided to take the long way back home from the Hill. The weather is just so nice and I'm wearing the perfect sun dress.

I realized how much I love and miss the sensation of the gravel crunching under my sandals. I haven't walked along the Mall in months and I haven't been to the Lincoln Memorial in years, probably not since I lived in Foggy Bottom. Tonight, I made a promise to myself to walk the Mall at least once this week after work to de-stress and to check out the Lincoln Memorial before the month is over.

The other thing that I learned new tonight is that there is tango in the square every Sunday evening (forgot it's name...Lafayette Square? It's across from the National Theatre). I just happened to notice at least 40 couples dancing with just as many watching. It was beautiful and sensual--magical in the twilight and with the Capitol looming in the background down Penn.

I wish I knew how tango. I need to pick up a hobby and volunteer again. Those are the two things missing in my otherwise full and fulfilling life. It's something for me to work on this summer.

On a side note, I've given up my crush. It's unhealthy and immature to live in fantasy land. If I'm not going to pursue him, I need to give up the distraction. I'm not in junior high anymore. So please disregard the musings of my last post. I need to move on and grow up.

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Hippo Q. said...

It's called Freedom Plaza!!