Weekend Recap

I guess it’s springtime when I spend my whole weekend outside or out with friends. You can’t get me to leave the comfort of my bed and blankets when it is cold. Besides sitting on my front porch, watching the neighborhood and getting at least two dozen new mosquito bites (at this rate, I’m going to run out of unbitten skin in a month), I checked out two Chinatown restaurants/bars over the weekend.

La Tasca
Given the crazy downpour post-work on Friday, I was seriously debating blowing off this outing. But I am so glad I went because I had a blast. I was greeted by pitchers of delicious sangria and a huge, steaming container of free paella. It wasn’t the best paella I ever had but it was helpful in lining my stomach for the 5-6 glasses of sangria I gulped down that evening. The pitchers just kept coming and I kept drinking. I will be back.

Bar Louie
This place was a treat. Sure, it is a sports bar with tons of flat screen TVs. But the tap selection is solid and the food is great. I love it when I can get Woodchuck cider on draft—-it’s always my go-to drink on a lazy night out. Make it Strongbow on tap (does it exists in DC?) and I’m in heaven. The highlight of the night was the California burger I ordered. I wasn’t even that hungry but as soon as I saw the glistening bun and side of crispy tater tots, I knew it was going to be a gluttonous night. The California burger includes cheese, bacon, avocado, and crab. Yes, crab on a burger. It was an odd choice that was amazingly good. As a bonus, there was a fair amount of guys at the bar—-watching the finals. So, it would be a good spot to revisit, armed with a wing woman or two.

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