New Roommate

As I mentioned before, one of my roommates is leaving our house at the end of the month. Our new roommate will be a RPCV, Hill staffer. He seems really nice and laidback but you can never get the true sense of a person from a brief open house meeting. I guess the main thing is that I didn’t have a negative gut reaction to him. My only reservation was that he works in the office of a friend, and I like to keep my circles separate. Plus, my friend didn’t give him a glowing review.

He moves in next weekend, and I have my figures crossed that he doesn’t change the sense of our house too much. It is so hard to find affordable, safe housing in DC and even harder to find a roommates who mesh with your lifestyle or at least are respectful and responsible. I want my house to be a home but also a sanctuary.

Over the weekend, I plan on spending some quality time in my home-sanctuary. I want to dig up my novel draft and figure out how I want to proceed. I also plan on spending some quality time with friends, talking about life and love. I can never get enough girl talk.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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