Roommate Search

I've only been in my place for a month, and we're already looking for a new roommate. I wish I was told about this possibility before I moved in but I don't think it would have changed my feelings about the place. My roommate is moving out after living in the house for four years. It means a lot that she didn't want to leave unless she found an amazing new place to share with her boyfriend. In fact, she's been postponing moving-in with him until they found a place that would top our current house.

My house has character. I guess that means it is in need of an update. The floors and doors squeak and the windows are drafty. But I love it. We have a front porch and a newly created backyard garden. There are alley cats that visit and lots of neighbors who pass by every day
walking their dogs. It's quiet yet I know I'm just a few blocks from the madness of 14th and Irving. I hope that I can find a house just like it in DC when the time comes for me to buy.

I am really nervous about getting a new roommate. The balance in the house now is so perfect. Both of my roommates have boyfriends that spend the night frequently, but I never feel like I'm living with four people. The bonus is when my roommates spend the night or weekend at their boyfriends' place and I get the house myself. We are also all very active. On the rare day that we are home at the same time, I'll be on the front porch reading, one roommate will be gardening in the back and the other roommate will be reading in her room.

We haven't shared a meal or outing since I arrived. But I'm okay with that. I think group dinners are nice but I am just as happy eating alone on the front porch. I do want friendly, respectful roommates. I don't want (or need) a roommate-friend.

So we've posted our ad and we've receive a few promising replies so far. I hope that we'll find a least one special guy or girl who can fill the shoes of our departing roommate and most importantly, mesh well with our lifestyles.

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