MmmBop, Not

Last night, I went with Organica and her friend to a Hanson Concert.

First of all, let me say that I am not a Hanson fan. In fact, I recall making fun of the band with my friends back in high school. To me, that group was a part of the manufactured, annoying, teen pop movement also populated by O-town, Jessica Simpson, the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.

Organica had an extra ticket to the show, and being a good friend, I offered to come along. I’m glad I did. Here are my observations:


  • Zac - He has a great voice, while Taylor’s voice is annoying and Issac’s is just too uneventful. Zac’s acoustic version of "Go" was definitely the highlight of my night. Plus, I think he is the cutest, though youngest, of the bunch.
  • Good rhythms - Thanks to the mixed cd Organica gave me, I was prepared for the concert. And I must say that, though catchy, some of their newer songs are solid.
  • 9:30 Club - I enjoyed checking out this venue for the first time.


  • Locksley - The opening band was okay. Some of their songs were amusing though their performance wasn't all that great. In fact, their performance made me appreciate the polished, seasoned vocals and instrumentals of Hanson—which, I guess, is the point of an opening act.
  • Hair Band - Even though they no longer look like little girls, Hanson gives new meaning to the hair band.


  • Screaming girls are annoying - Period.
  • Bad gin and tonic sucks - I’m trying to branch out into other alcoholic drinks. With the encouragement of Floyd and A-M, I have started to order gin and tonics instead of my normal rum on the rocks or a girly drink. But last night, I forgot to request top-shelf liquor and was stuck with a horrible tasting concoction of bad gin and even worse soda water. Even the lime, I eagerly squeezed into my drink didn’t help.
  • Loud live music sucks - I love live music, but I hate unnecessarily loud live music. I guess I’m getting old, but by the end of the night, my left eardrum wanted to bleed. I think I’m gonna start wearing earplugs to concerts because I really don’t want to ruin my hearing. Good music sounds good even if the volume is turned down.
  • Incessant harmonies suck - Especially when coupled with an uncomfortable volume. I wanted to crawl into a ball and die.

Hopefully, this entry won’t upset Organica because I'm really glad that I went to the concert. It was a new (read: once-in-a-lifetime) experience. I was introduced to Zac’s pure vocals, and I got to spend time in Organica's music world.

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