“Waiting to Exhale”

I look forward to a little rest and relaxation this weekend which is weird.  Last winter and spring, I had too much R&R time on my hands and I was looking for a little excitement.  So, I got a part-time job, signed up for new groups, decided to plan a trip to Paris and tried to fill my weekend "dance card" with social events.

Then, when I probably needed R&R the most--frankly, just time to think about how I was actually spending my summer, I chose to fill up my "dance card" even more.  This summer was a whirlwind of my creation and now I want to catch my breath and eventually, exhale.

This weekend will be my first opportunity to catch my breath, reflect and exhale without any distractions.  And I'm a bit worried, as I was this summer, that too much free time will result in me obsessing over my past actions instead of working to make my future brighter.  I do believe that a fair amount of time for reflection is in order (which demands solo time), but I also want to focus on moving forward.  I want 2008 to be a fresh start in terms of my career, personal, and social life.  2007 afforded me new (both good and bad) experiences that gave me a better understanding of myself and the world.  I hope to spend this fall and winter internalizing all that I've learned and preparing to soar in 2008.

And for the record, I think I'll disregard Shimmy-Shimmy's V-Day invitation next year...

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