At the (High Heel) Races

Wow, last night was a trip at the High Heel Race. I didn’t actually see the race, as we arrived late and there was a huge crowd lining both sides of the street. But I did get to take pictures with and gawk at the Drag Queens. It was truly amazing. More than anything, I was inspired to get in touch with my own femininity. Unlike the queens, I can’t really walk in heels and I don’t know anything about makeup.

There was a great range of outfits at the shindig including a Princess Diana surrounded by secret service agents, Pixy Stix-Skittles-PEZ-BubbleYum-etc Chix, and Deal or No Deal girls with briefcases (I found some pics of these queens on Lindsay's blog). They really were a sight to see. Once the cops started clearing the street, we headed over to a bar to celebrate with cheap, strong drinks and ended up chatting with two flirty lezzies.

All in all, it was a night to remember and I'm so glad that my friend dragged me there.

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Lindsay said...

princess diana was my favorite! of course my camera battery died as soon as she walked by so i didn't get a picture.