Anxiety, now Excitement

I can’t stop myself from smiling right now. No, I still haven’t found a place, but I feel that I am getting closer. I decided against living on the Hill. Aside from the easy commute to work and access to the phenomenal Eastern Market, the Hill really isn't what I'm looking for. Mostly, I don’t want to end up isolated from the rest of the city—or rather the parts of the city where my friends live and party. That’s how I feel about where I live now. So, I’m thinking Columbia Heights.

I got a second round interview with a place about 4 blocks from U Street and a promising first round for a place in a great house near Meridian Park. At this point, my fingers are crossed for the second house because it is very sweet. I’d be living with five, yes five people (half-guys and half girls) but the house is large enough that it wouldn’t feel cramped or overwhelming. The other place is with four chill girls (even a Hill staffer) in a nice, drama-free house.

I hope that there is resolution this week because I’m tired to scouring Craigslist and spending my evenings and weekends looking at housing. Everyone reading my blog better cross both fingers for me this week. Especially for house number two, though house number one would be great as well. Hopefully, the bird-poop incident and the penny I found on heads today will give me the luck I need to secure an ideal new housing situation.

Of course, I must mention the great Whiskey party I attending last night. Kali always knows how to throw a good party and keep folks entertained and feeling good while in her presence. That’s probably the thing I admire in her the most. I hope that I am able to score a great house near her so that we can chill on a random Wednesday at Solly’s or Marvin very soon.

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