A Kick in the Pants

It was exactly what I needed. A reminder of why I'm on the Hill. A reminder of the goals I set back in April. I've gotten quite comfortable in my current position and I can see how easy it would be to get lulled into complacency about my position. But if I learned anything from my last job, I need to bring my game-face every day and always seek new opportunities to broaden my responsibilities and increase my visibility. A staff assistant position isn't my end goal. It's only a stopping point on the way to where I really want to be. I need to do my best to take advantage of this opportunity so that I can move on (and up) as quickly and as prepared as possible.

The problem is that I'm a rather shy girl and have always been that way. It's in my nature to clam-up and be socially inept 65 or more percent of the time. The key is that I'm trying but apparently, not trying hard enough.

As my pseudo-mentor told me yesterday (and Floyd told me a million times), I need to step out of the "I'm shy" box that I've put myself in. I need to be assertive, proactive and genuinely outgoing in order to achieve all the things I want to achieve. On the Hill, those qualities essential. Otherwise, you can get forgotten amid the hoards of other staffers trying to be noticed. I don't want to be forgotten.

So I've been charged to recall the sense I had in April when I first started on the Hill--my desire to learn, to network, and to gain new experiences. At this point, I know my job well enough that I can take on new projects and take time to connect with others who can give me insight about the Hill. And I've already started on that road today.

I think this new charge—along with the fact that I'll be living with 5 other people in less than one week—will surely prepare me for life in the Peace Corps. It will make me more at ease about opening up, asserting myself, and truly taking control of my career, social and personal life.

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