Making Eyes on the Metro

I had a nice commute this morning. Sure, I had to stand most of the way. But I had the sweetest view of the cutest guy I've seen on the metro in a while. I don't know what it is about the Glenmont direction of the Red line, but the trains are almost always bereft of attractive young men. I spotted a hottie a few weeks ago (that I couldn't help smiling at), but otherwise, there usually isn't much to look at but older, suburbanites and annoying teenagers.

I did a quick search on the internet. A search for informal surveys on the line and direction with the most attractive ridership. I'm guessing that it's the Red line Shady Grove bound. Or the Orange line toward Vienna. I know it's not my ride.

I think that it is possible to find love on the metro. I've heard that it's happened before, and I've read about efforts in NYC to make finding love on the subway easier. I think DC should institute a similar "singles car."

But this brings up another problem. Regardless of the slim-pickings on my commute, I haven't mastered a come-hither look or learned how to get results from flirting. I normally clam up around guys I like and my half-smile from across the bar/room/train turns into a nervous blank/cynical stare. Yes, I should first work on my technique--or at least how to appear more open to the approach.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the random cute-boy sightings during my commute and hope that my new metro ride (after my move) will afford me with an abundance and variety of male cuteness.

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