I'm gonna have 5 new roommies!

I sign my lease this evening, and I'm so excited. I really need to check out the house again and see how big or small the room really is. I have a tendency of mis-remembering size and other characteristics of people, places, and things. I hope that the house and my room turn out to be as bright, open and spacious as I remember...

I plan on having an un-garage sale this weekend to get rid of a few key items that I can't or don't want to move into my new place. A-M has offered to serve as security guard to keep an eye out for weirdos and thieves. The main thing that I need to get rid of is my futon. It is huge and although it has treated me well these last 5 years, I have no room for it anymore and it's gotta go. The starting price is $25 but I'm willing to give it away for free. I'll assign a price (under $45) to everything else in order to recoup a bit of my original investment.

It's great to have a new plac,e and I'm so excited to be starting a new chapter. It's definitely a headache to get everything in order and make sure that I'm making the right decisions. But, when it's all done, I will sing.

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