Fun-ness Recap

To keep myself from totally freaking out about my housing situation, I signed myself up for two cool activities to distract me.

On Saturday night, I attended a Johnny Walker Journey tasting downtown. Thankfully, I wasn't brainwashed during the night (we later went to Fado where I ordered cider not JW Red). But, I had a good time. BTW, Fado's is a surprisingly great bar.

On Monday, I made my way to the new National's Stadium (the first LEED certified green stadium in the U.S.). The Nationals lost to the SF Giants (again). But I didn't care. Baseball is so boring and my time at any stadium is always spent waiting for the wave and people watching. Plus, it was really hot last night. I headed home after a few $7.50 beers and a tasty Ben's chili cheeseburger (Yes, it was just as good as the burgers at the U street location). Being at the stadium was very surreal but I'm excited about the sort of new development it will surely bring to SE (though it will probably push many of the locals out).

Next on tap this week are a few happy hours and receptions (more avoiding of the inevitable housing search and apt packing) and a kickass whiskey party Saturday. It's amazing that my June calendar has gotten so full. May was very slow. Now things have picked up and I'm overwhelmed (but having a lot of fun).

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