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Blame it on SATC, but I want to live in NYC.

Yes, I've been talking about moving to NYC since high school. But my initial thought of moving to NYC after Peace Corps (and a sojourn in Europe) has become a thought of moving to New York in lieu of going to the Peace Corps or continuing on the Hill. Shameful, I know. Selfish, I know. But I can't shake my idyllic vision of a year (2009) in NYC. It would be expensive and challenging but so rewarding and memorable.

Like Jennifer Hudson admitted in SATC, I want to move to NYC to find love and labels (i.e., beautifully cut clothes made with amazing fabrics).

Ah, SATC. I saw it on Friday with a few girlfriends. It was very enjoyable and I'd give it an 8 out of 10. I made me laugh, cry, and reconsider my approach to life and love. Mostly, it made me want to move to NYC, invest in a brand new wardrobe and find a man like BIG who'll support me and my budding fashionista ways. Well, no—that's not true. School made me a bit too leftist to buy-in to the capitalist-consumerism propaganda so evident in the movie (A pair of shoes cannot define me. My character defines me). Yet, I do buy into the idea that NYC is the perfect place for young folks with big dreams (or old folks with lots of money).

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