It's been a whirlwind week. I attended a few receptions and charmed another group of potential roommates. No, I still don't have a place and if I don't get a congratulatory callback today, I'm gonna beg my leasing office to extend my lease for one more month. That would give me all of July to look for housing and further whittle down my possessions.

I'm hopeful but realistic now. I plan on spending the entire weekend packing my stuff and getting everything ready for freecycle/craigslist pickups and goodwill. My mother comes next Saturday (for vacation and to help me move), and I really want to have my shit together before she arrives.

It's amazing how fast this month has gone. It's been a good month and I sense that July will be even better. By then, I'll be settled in my new place and willing to venture out with friends. Also, I'll be able to spend more time studying Spanish so that I don't have to spend my Saturday mornings struggling to keep up (because I spent the whole week packing and attending open houses).

Work is going well. I'm finally starting to make friends and branch out beyond Floyd's circle. I still love what I do (even the stuff that a trained monkey could do) and I'm enjoying getting to know my coworkers and the Hill. Once things settle in July, I plan on recommitting myself to consciously building a network on the Hill so that when 2009 comes around, I'll be well-positioned for the job of my dreams—which could surely force me to delay my Peace Corps ambitions for a few years.

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