Seis de Mayo

I'm turning 26 on May 8 and I feel great about it. Last year, when I turned 25, I was so depressed and distressed because 25 felt like such a turning point for me. It marked the end of my college/grad school life and the beginning of my life as a grown-up. The next big milestone will be turning 30, but I have a few years to build up stress around that birthday.

I feel 26, though many people think that I'm much younger. I guess I don't really dress or act my age, which will be a great thing when I'm 40 and hoping to still pass for 30-ish.

I truly look forward to this year and thereafter.


BTW, all is well at my part-time job. Some of my coworkers' behavior still bother me, and I think that I've been crowned the "rigid, uptight" front desk girl. But whatever, I'm just trying to stay out of trouble and make some extra cash to pay off all those dresses I bought this weekend.

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