Cubicle War 2007 & Let's French at the Black Cat

This was in my inbox this morning:

Cubicle War Will Officially Commence May 21, 2007 0900 EST.

Alliances will be made.

Axes of Evil will be named.

You've been warned.

Good luck.

Whether or not this was a good or bad idea, a few coworkers and I have started a cubicle war amongst ourselves. It should be a great way to lighten our moods during the upcoming weeks. So far (before the war even started!), my desk has been toilet papered and A-M's stuffed penguin has been kidnapped and hanged. I'm sure that more is planned.


For some reason, I've convinced A-M, GFA, myself, and others to venture to the Black Cat this Saturday for Let's French's cd release. Two other bands are also playing. I saw Let's French at the Dam Fest last fall and thought that they were rather entertaining--particularly the gyrating bass player. It should be a good show, and if nothing else, it will be something different for me to do on a Saturday night.

I hope the music isn't too loud at the show. I know that it's a rock show, but I want to keep my hearing until old age. Here's an investment tip for my four regular blog readers: invest in companies that produce hearing aides (and of course, invest in healthcare in general for our aging boomers). Given the advent of Walkmans and now iPods, I am quite sure that my generation will be in need of serious hearing aides by the time we turn 50.

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