Thinkin' about Quitin'

I wanted to quit my part time job today. I was so fed up with the bullshit of a few of my coworkers. Maybe I still need to get to know them, but after a full day of work, part time job drama is last thing that I'm fit to deal with.

It all started when I got home from work late and had to bring my dinner along with me. That part was fine, but it probably put me in a less forgiving mood. My issue was with the couple of crank calls I received from coworkers and the fact that my coworker was at least 10 minutes late in relieving me. Sure, it wouldn't have been a big deal if a) she told me she was going on break b) she called and let me know that she was running late, and c) she didn't get an attitude when I asked her if she was on her way.

I was telling someone in sales, the one I corrected for using slang/curse words (e.g., titties, ho, etc) around me on Sunday, that I come to work to do my job, get paid and go home. I don't care to deal with any extra drama than I need to. He explained that everyone there was friends and joked around a lot. Sure, that's fine but a basic level of work ethic and general respect and maturity is all I'm asking for.

I just can't deal with these sorts of people, and I don't think that I ever really had to. It is totally like night and day. I left work after attending a congressional hearing that one of our phenomenal experts was testifying at, and I entered a perverse world of retail/sales employment populated by immature-middle America-common folk. Wow, that sounds elitist, but it's totally true.

I promised myself that I'd give it until the end of the month. If by then, I'm still unable to adjust or avoid the drama, I'll quit and be content with my small, but sufficient alcohol and clothing budget.

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