Weekend in Review

Wow, what a weekend.

I think that it will be my last action-packed weekend for a while. I worked hard, partied hard, and then worked hard again. And now, I'm so tired.

Many thanks to my Gambian Rat kinfolk, A-M and GFA, for joining me in a great time (maybe too great of a time…) at the Black Cat Saturday night. Let's French and These United States were really great and I enjoyed the energy that their music brought to the night.

But, my dear Gambian Rat kinfolk, let's make our next events more sedate and sober, at least until I can get caught up on my sleep and chores and save enough for the next bar tab.

Last night, I think I found my new drink of choice, rum on the rocks. I am so tired of ingesting needless sugary drink mixers. I'm not a shot person; I prefer to sip. That's why rum on the rocks works so well--its chilled alcohol without all the excess refined sugar and preservatives. Sorry, Sex on the Beach (my college-days drink of choice). I've moved on.

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