Memorial Day Weekend

I had a really good weekend. Surprisingly, I didn't go see Pirates (even though I'd been obsessing over it all last week). Instead, I spent my Monday napping and lazily lying under the ceiling fan.

I attended my ex-coworker's wedding on Saturday evening. It was truly the most perfect, ideal, beautiful wedding I've ever attended: intimate and outdoors. The weather was warm and the sun was bright. The cool breeze was scented with lavender (as there was a lavender field nearby). It was set in rural Maryland on an old farm (read: plantation) with lots of trees, fields and a sparkling river. It was simply amazing and I had a lot of fun hanging out with my coworkers and dancing to 80s music with my date, L-M.

Tonight, I leave for the first of two work retreats. One will be held in Charles Town, WV and the other is in Mill Valley, CA (outside of San Francisco). Both of last year's retreats were a lot of fun and provided me with an opportunity to get to know my coworkers, some of which I'd never seen before (my organization has offices in other states). Most of all, I look forward to being in a semi-rural area. The stars will be bright, the natural scenery will be lovely, and it will be quiet.

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