Livin' for the Weekend!

I've been counting down days until the weekend since Monday morning. I am just that excited about the long weekend. I do have to work on Friday and Sunday, but have Saturday and Monday all to myself!! Here's what's on tap:

Friday…work :-p

Saturday: I'm going to an ex-coworker's wedding with L-M. It should be a great time and I look forward to hanging out with folks from work.

Sunday…work followed by a simple night out

Monday: I've reserved this day for watching the final Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I am so excited about seeing the Pirates movie and also about slipping into other theatre(s) for a double or triple (!) feature [Remember, Floyd?].

But most of all, I look forward to sleeping and being a bit more lazy than usual this weekend. I also plan on buying a shredder so that I can finally shred and recycle all the old statements, school documents, and other items that I'm haphazardly storing in my living room.

It looks like my trip to Paris with my mom is still a "go." I have more or less chosen a hotel and flight and am just waiting on my mom's input before whipping out my credit card. It should be a really fun and relaxing mother-daughter trip that I'll be able remember forever.

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