All is well.

I’m currently listening to Billie Holiday. It's my attempt to explore and appreciate the great vocalists of the past. It’s partly research for my novel, as the main character discovers jazz and it helps her express and manage all the conflicting emotions she’s feeling.

When I listen to the music, I think about my grandparents. I think about the oppression of African Americans and other minority groups. I think about the Hollywood greats (Joanne Crawford, Bette Davis, etc), the Wars and women’s fashion. But mostly, I think about the complexity of feeling and purity of the vocals.

In a few hours, I’m meeting the awkward guy I met at speed dating for Gifford's ice cream. I’m quite interested in how it will go. No, it’s not a date. It is just a casual meeting to chat for longer than the four minutes we were given at the speeding dating event. I sort of see myself in him--in his awkwardness and his shyness. If nothing else, I want to have a enjoyable afternoon of getting to know someone new. But mostly, I want to encourage him to come out of his shell.

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