“Hey, what year did you graduate?”

Yesterday, I went to an alumni happy hour in Georgetown. I had a surprisingly good time even though I went alone. It helped that the place wasn't filled with recent graduates like at the last event I attended with FOM.

I think that I'll become more active in my alumni association. I still feel a very strong bond with my university and want to help, in whatever way (aside from financially, at least for now…), my school, its students, and also myself excel. I think that I'm most interested in meeting up with graduates from my own undergraduate class and graduates from earlier years to see what career paths they chose and what lessons they learned along the way.

Ah, that reminds me that my ten year high school reunion is getting closer. I think that it would be a lot of fun to see some of my old classmates and hopefully reconnect with a few high school friends that I've lost touch with but still think about... The key for any reunion is looking hot and that would necessitate a mini-shopping spree and full beauty treatment—which would be a lot of fun.

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