Job Vacancy

Although I'd love to recount my weekend (explaining why I have 20 mosquito bites all over my body, what great progress I've made with my novel, and my reaction to Floyd saying that I'm "just a bag full of crazy"), I feel the need to talk about a new development at work. This morning, we learned that one of our very own is leaving the department. This means that our program is now searching to fill three positions!

This makes me feel even more disloyal and guilty about trying to leave. I know that I'll be needed to perform administrative functions associated with filling the job vacancies and I feel that my own departure, like my the latest departure, though surely supported by my coworkers, will be a blow to morale and slow down progress on certain projects—particularly, the one that I'm helping to spearhead...

But I guess I shouldn't put the cart before the horse. I haven't applied yet and given how unlucky and slow my last job search was, I should wait until I have an offer to judge what is best (and feel or not feel guilty about leaving).

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