Almost the Weekend

I cannot wait until the weekend.  I don't have much planned outside of a GRU drinking event and a venture to the Pentagon City Mall for a great pair of jeans.  I hope to spend my free time relaxing, working on my novel's storyline and watching a movie or two. 

I'm still feeling "the blahs," but I'm sure that a restful weekend will help cure whatever ails me.  It would help if I had closure with Mr. Rebound and Floyd.  But alas, not yet.

* * *

Indeed, it has been two years since Katrina and many problems remain for New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf region.  It is simply amazing what befell that region and the extent to which things have not improved for so many families.  I can't forget the images from the days, weeks, months, and years after the hurricane hit and  the levee broke.  And I won't forget the plight of the city of my family.

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