The Saturday Night Out That Wasn't

I am so ridiculous! I was supposed to head over to Adam's Morgan to meet a friend (Shimmy-Shimmy) for a night of salsa dancing. I arrived at the bus stop a little before 10 and took a seat. Given that no one else was at the stop, I figured that I'd just missed the bus. No problem, I thought, the next one will be here in less than 20 minutes. So, 45 minutes later, the bus finally makes its way over to my stop. And without thinking, I jump on the bus and sit down. The bus makes an unusual turn down a street and I realize that I'm on the wrong, freakin' bus!

I jump of the bus, and run back down the street to where I can see the right bus stalled at the streetlight. I run across the street waving my hands as it made another stop. The bus seems to pause ("yay, the driver sees me!"), but as soon as I get closer to the stop, the bus pulls off.

Needless to say, the night was over for me. I called my friend and explained why I was flaking out on our plans--yet again. She understood, but I feel really bad. Sheepishly, I took my "all dolled up with nowhere to go" self to Starbucks for some much needed comfort food (i.e., a banana nut loaf slice). Now, I'm at home and headed to bed.

What I learned:
1) Always check the bus times and arrive at the bus stop early
2) Remember that the metro rail is almost always a quicker alternative
3) Accept that taking a $10-20 taxi is not a frivolous and unnecessary expense, especially when you're late and it's dark outside
4) Pay attention to bus signs
5) Run fast, yell loudly, and spastically wave your hands in order to catch a moving bus.

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