Adult Slumber Parties

I attended an adult slumber party. I'd heard about adult sleepovers/girls' nights out before, but I'd always imagined that they were events that only happened in NYC or California. But no, they're being held in my neighborhood.

The sleepovers are basically a modern version of the Tupperware parties that graced living rooms in my mother's day. But these sleepovers provide an opportunity for women to explore (touch, taste and smell) the variety of products out there without worrying about a leering store clerk or if/how a certain product works. It was amazing how open we all became about the items we were viewing and discussing. I, for one, rarely talk about my sex life or preference/experience in the bedroom, but the (many) glasses of wine and theme of the night loosened us all up. (Hmm…Bad choice of words…)

I was definitely nervous about attending the party and particularly, attending an adult party with more than a dozen women I didn't know (minus Chatty Chica). But I had such a great time, and I don't think that I've ever giggled or squirmed so much in my life.

When we first got there, we all bonded over a lovely table of snacks. The party leader was around my age, very pretty and surprisingly open and confident. Unlike her, I don't think that I could ever nonchalantly present an array of stimulation devices, lubricants, and massage oils without giggling or turning bright red. The evening started with a quick game--the granny panty relay--to break the ice and get us pumped up for the night. Our team lost, though only by a few seconds. With a plateful of snacks and a full glass of wine in hand (and many bottles dispersed around the room), we took our seats and were presented with an array of adult toys, clothes and other items guaranteed to add spice to our bedroom adventures.

No, I didn't buy anything, and I'd rather not go into my favorite items. But I did tell the party leader that I'd be interested in hosting my own party this spring. I think my friends would really enjoy a great night of bonding, giggling, and drinking at my place. I'll let you know if I actually do it.


O (stands for something else this time....) said...

omg, i would LOVE to attend an adult sleepover chez Hippo! does the leader charge a flat fee, or does she just make money on whatever she sells? i'm glad you were able to experience such an event. ;)

Hippo Q. said...

I don’t think the leader charges anything. She makes her money based on a percentage of her sales.

The hostess receives a small percentage of what is sold during the party which can be used to recoup the money spent on food and booze.

So, does this mean that you’ll come to a slumber party at my place and invite all of your female friends?

George Felix Allen said...

I assume there was lots of pillow fighting and tussling of hair?

Hippo Q. said...

GFA: There was neither pillow fighting nor hair tussling at the party. That sort of stuff only occurs in the triple-x movies you enjoy.