Happy Valentine’s Day!

A friend told me about Someecards. It’s a site with really funny, sarcastic greetings like the one above. I definitely encourage you to check it out. I’m having problems accessing their site today, but I’m sure things will be back to normal after the big V-Day ecard rush.

Okay, so I did wear black today, but I promise it was totally unintentional. I just own a lot of black work clothes. So far, the day has been like any other. I’ve spotted a few extra flower booths on the street and seen people with red balloons. Otherwise, so far so good.

I think it helped that I had a solid session of commiserating celebrating my singlehood last night with my friends. We’re all single, or at least not in serious relationships right now. It’s good to have single friends. They’re more flexible in scheduling and can tell lurid stories about their latest conquest.

We met at Gazuza. It’s an okay bar, chill and not at all crowded. The happy hour specials were good—about $4-6 per drink or sushi order. No bad for D.C., though I prefer its sister bar, Chi-Cha Lounge. My friends and I spent most of the night talking about our careers and men. Notably, they christened Mr. Rebound of last summer a “'We' Guy" in reference to the Sex in the City episode where Samantha falls for a guy that drops “we” into every conversation.

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