Moving On: My Goals vs. Reality

I have an interview with a Peace Corps Regional Recruiter in a few weeks. I'm really excited about the quick turnover so far and I hope that the whole process remains relatively quick and painless (though admittedly, the medical review will be a long, painful process).

I haven't made much progress on my Hill applications and now I'm starting to reconsider my original plan of requesting an August 1 departure date. I'm feeling very listless in my current position and though I am still hopeful about securing a Hill position, I feel that I need to prepare a backup plan just in case the hill job doesn't happen. Floyd recommended that I set a deadline for myself. My deadline is mid-March—my two-anniversary at my current position. If I haven't secured or even interviewed for a Hill job by then, I will have to reconsider how I want to spend the time between the end of my lease and my departure date (in D.C., Atlanta, or somewhere else?). Additionally, I need to decide if I'm willing to spend the four months between my work anniversary and the end of my lease at my current job. My current feeling is no way. Yet, I don't think that I have the cojones to leave my current job for a random position in D.C., ATL, or elsewhere. Floyd did it, but I don't know if I can. I thought about applying for an unpaid summer Hill internship and just plowing through my savings in order to get that experience. But that doesn't seem realistic or meaningful. Time is moving so quickly and I need to reevaluate if working for the Hill is something that I really need or want to achieve. I did have a House internship in graduate school and in the end that may have to suffice.

The bottom-line is that I am feeling increasingly unfulfilled in my current position and that in order to restore my own piece of mind and ensure that I leave on a high note, I must either: 1) get an attitude adjustment (most likely) or 2) grow some balls, put in my 2 weeks notice in March, and move on.

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