Museum Visits

This time next week I'll be preparing to take the train back home to Georgia. I have several things that I want to do while home beyond spend time reading and working on my applications. I want to visit at least two Atlanta attractions: the High Museum of Art and the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum. In looking at the admission info for both, I've been struck by their costs ($15 & $8 for students, respectively). I now realize how fortunate I am to live in D.C. I have access to so many free museums!

I must admit that I don't frequent the Smithsonian museums as much as I did when I was in college. Back then, the entire National Mall was my backyard and I took advantage of its quiet spaces and interesting events. But now, I live further away and I'm less inclined to navigate the annoying crowds of tourists.

Yet, it is winter time—the best time for sightseeing in D.C. before the first wave of tourists hits during the Cherry Blossom festival. My plans are to visit the Washington Monument and Hirshhorn—the only museum and attraction on the Mall that I have yet to visit. Of course, I'll stay mindful of opportunities to visit the National Gallery. The West building is definitely my favorite though the wonderful NGA film program is held in the East building's auditorium.

I spent a few hours at the Reynolds Center (the National Portrait Gallery and American Museum of Art) last Sunday. The new Kogod Courtyard is lovely. Although I wish there were more comfortable chairs for longer visits, the lighting, sounds, and general atmosphere make it a worthwhile destination. The water scrim was surprising. I was like, "This courtyard is brand new. Why are there so many puddles?!" But I enjoyed watching the little kids play in it. As an added bonus, the courtyard café serves yummy Giffords ice cream, among other items. Before I left, I checked out the Katharine Hepburn exhibit as well as the Stephen Colbert portrait. Both left me with a smile on my face.

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