Preparing for Single’s Awareness Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. The most abhorred day of the year for single folks like me. No, I don't have Valentine, and no, I don't have any plans. I will avoid wearing all black tomorrow in protest, but I know I'll be feeling less than cheerful with all the flowers, chocolates, balloons and smiling couples that I'm sure to encountered between work and home.

To all those annoying, attached/in-love folks reading my blog, don't forget to acknowledge the single folks in your life. Sure it's exciting that your lover surprised you with dinner, jewelry and roses, but don't intentionally rub your romantic fortune in the face of the less fortunate. As Shimmy-Shimmy noted, tomorrow isn't just for lovers but a day to remember single folks too. There are so many single folks out there. So, don't forget the divorcees, widows, cat ladies, bachelors, etc in your life. They need some TLC too!

To the unattached, don't forget that you are not alone. So many people have loved and lost and are single. Take it easy, treat yourself, and keep in mind that the kindred spirit you're looking for is still out there.

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Organica said...

Any occasion is a good occasion to put external stresses aside and spend some one-on-one time with the important people in your life. But there's no reason V-Day in particular should be such a big deal. To the single folks, don't let V-Day get you down! It's just Thursday. Another day for you to enjoy the things that make you happy. Couples who hype it up and brag about gifts are either a little too gushy for my taste, need to compensate for a generally mediocre relationship, or need better ideas for what to spend their money on than diamonds.