All Aboard!!

In just a few hours, I'll board the Amtrak Crescent 6:30 pm train to Atlanta. I'm quite excited about going home and even more excited about experiencing solo train travel. I don't think that I've properly expressed my love of trains--particularly freight trains as they helped to build our nation

I'm hoping for a relaxing 14 hour ride home and I've done as much prepping as possible for the trip. I'm quite sure that I've brought way too much stuff for the ride, but I'm so afraid of being hungry, bored, cold, sick, annoyed, sleep-deprived, etc. So my carryon bag is loaded with sweet and salty snacks, books (Prep and Mansfield Park), magazines, puzzles, medicine, writing group stuff and even a worksheet on sample Peace Corps interview questions. I also have a blanket and sweatshirt just in case I get cold.

I haven't decided if I'll venture to the dining car for dinner (probably not) or breakfast (probably yes) or even to the lounge. Depending on my level of comfort, I may venture out in search of a travel buddy, but most likely I will be glued in my seat pouring over all the reading materials I've packed. My novels and writing will have me as a captive audience and I can't wait. But maybe, I'll take some Benadryl and go straight to sleep...

So long D.C.! Good riddance 9-5 work life! Hello suburban Atlanta! Welcome lazy days! It will be great to see friends and family again and most of all watch lots of TV and get fat eating all the yummy food my mom will cook and buy for me. Yay!

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O said...

Hope you made it safe and sound and that you're already having a great time with family and old friends!