Waffle House & McDonald’s

Wow, I just found out that Waffle House was founded in Avondale Estates (ATL), Georgia. For some reason, I just assumed it was started in Texas or Alabama.

I love Waffle House. It became a nightcap tradition in high school and to this day, I chuckle when I see Waffle House locations on both sides of the Interstate. My meal of choice was always a grilled cheese sandwich (with those two pickle chips on the side!). It always made my night—the food along with playing our standard WH songs (e.g., American Pie, Let's Get it On, etc).

My mom once told me that when she and my dad first moved to Atlanta back in the early 1970s, they didn't go to Waffle House. Certain locations didn't serve blacks or at least let it be known that blacks were not welcome. I'd imagine that many places in the South were like that back then and sadly, many are still that way.

On a similar food note,

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