Quick Notes from Home

Ah, it's so nice to be home relaxing. The train ride was interesting. I sat by the most annoying women and their babies. I spent most of the ride ignoring them while sleeping or reading my magazine. I don't want to come off as elitists, but omg why are people so annoying and lacking. The highlight of the trip was definitely coming into Georgia at sunrise. The sky, trees and fields were so beautiful and it made me long to have an organic farm in rural Georgia and be able to watch the sun come up every morning. But I'll have to wait on that goal.

I spent the past few days watching television, reading, and working on a few Hill applications (a very few). Today is my aunt and mom's birthday and we're set to go downtown to check out the High Museum before heading out to dinner with the rest of the family. It is quite amazing that my mother is turning 60. I can only hope that I would have achieved as much as she has and lived as long and as full of a life as she has.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my father's death. It is a bit bittersweet to be home for both events. I can still remember the weekend 14 years ago that I spent attending my father's funerals (in ATL and NOLA) when I should have been enjoying a long holiday weekend and celebrating my mom's birthday. But alas. C'est la vie!

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