A Crazy Blind Date

I recently recommended that a friend try crazy blind date (CBD). She was telling me how hard it is to find a great guy in this city who's not intimidated by a strong career woman. It's very weird that that's her experience in D.C. because D.C. is full of assertive career women--at least all my friends are. It makes me wonder how any D.C. woman is able to score a good guy if most of the D.C. guys really are wimps, full of themselves, or just playing the field.

CBD is set up so that you answer a few questions about your availability and where you want to meet. If you want, you can also fill out additional questions to help increase the likelihood of a match. Then, you get a confirmation email and text about your date (the when and the where).

It definitely is crazy but who knows what sort of desperate adventurous people use the service. I recommended that my friend try the service at once. If he's horrible, she can leave; but if he's great, she'll have met someone new and interesting without much pressure or financial expense (associated with a match.com membership).

I find it interesting that CBD offers such an easy and quick way to meet someone new. But it makes me wonder if CBD is just match.com on steroids--offering quicker dates (though in many cases, just quicker hookups).

My friend noted that CDB sets up double dates and asked if I would come along. Reluctantly, I agreed. I'll be there for moral support and a good laugh, but I have no expectation of anything else. In fact, I've sworn off the dating scene. The man-fast has been officially extended well beyond 2009. I just want to avoid romantic or sexual relationships in favor of cultivating my friendship and deepening my experience of D.C. before I leave for the Peace Corps. Despite all the stories I've been told, I doubt that there will be any opportunities for me to have a serious relationship in the Peace Corps. But mostly, I want to avoid drama and heartache in favor of self-actualization and freedom--at least for now.

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