Masterpiece Theatre's production of Emma

It was a good weekend—highlighted by lots of tasks and a special trip to Habana Village. I just love that place and I love salsa dancing. I can still remember when I first salsa danced in high school. A friend taught me the basic steps in the bathroom before we headed out to the dance floor. So, Saturday was a good night. I ate fried yucca and drank mojitos and danced my heart out. Of course, Shimmy-Shimmy is an old-pro but the other two GLOGs were novices. I'm somewhere in the middle.

An unexpected highlight of the weekend was the return of the Complete Jane Austen series. I almost forgot about last night's showing of Emma with Kate Beckinsale. Emma isn't my favorite Austen book, though it is quite good. Like with Northanger Abbey, I get easily vexed by the transgressions and assumptions of the main character. The production was good, though I did grow tired of the random fantasy and dream sequences that felt more suited for Northanger Abbey. The portrayals were solid, but I felt that the adaptation could have been more fleshed out for clarity. But, alas, there are always time limitations.

I look forward to watching the last production of the series, Sense and Sensibility, this Sunday. Perhaps, it won't be as lovely as the 1995 Hollywood version, but it should provide another interpretation of Austen's views on love, character, and situation.

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