Farewell, March

I can’t believe that another month has passed. March was good--busy and (un)eventful.

As of April 1, my attention shifts to my new priorities: Spanish lessons and getting ready to move to a new apartment. This means that I won’t be dedicating as much time to seeking Hill employment. I will continue to cultivate the relationships that I have already established and continue to apply to positions that are particularly promising, but I won’t devote as much time to the undertaking. I’ve given it a good shot and I'm proud of myself. I still have my fingers crossed for a "big break, ” but my attention must turn to the other things I want to accomplish this year.

My Spanish classes start next week. I don’t feel prepared, but I am excited to have more structure in my lessons and more conversation practice.

I’m not looking forward to the apartment search, at all. I know that it will be a pain, but hopefully, it'll work out okay.

Here’s to another good month.

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