Wow, Another Year

Today is my two-year anniversary at work. I can't believe that another year has passed. Now that I've made it to this arbitrary milestone that I've set for myself, I am "free" to pursue other professional avenues (i.e., the Hill). The problem is will I be granted that Hill position before,

a) I go crazy at my current job. It isn't horrible but the sense of having my professional growth stifled pervades;
b) I'm shipped off to the Peace Corps; or
c) I give up and move back home.

My supervisor is organizing a celebratory lunch for Friday to mark my anniversary. I was obviously and unfortunately less than delighted by the proposal--what a difference a year makes! It's just that I should have had my "next step" in line by today, but I don't. Damn it, I don't.

I've always believed that things happen for a reason--the whole closed door/open window viewpoint. So, I'm hoping that when it comes to a Hill position, a delay or even unfulfillment of my Hill aspirations will still result in fulfillment and peace of mind. If nothing else, I've usurped Floyd's Hill network and learned a bit more about my own ambition and skills.

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