Hill Interview #1

I've had a hectic week, but Thursday was a whirlwind day. Notably, I was given the clearest demonstration of the way the job search works on the Hill. Here's what happened:

Wednesday: A friend of Floyd's dropped off my resume and cover letter with his old office. I got a call that evening from the chief of staff. It was for a position that I believe was posted on Monday or hasn't been posted yet.

Thursday: In the morning, I returned the call and was invited to interview that afternoon. Needless to say, I freaked out because a) I didn't feel prepared and b) I wasn't wearing a suit.

Thankfully, Floyd, Floyd's friend, a coworker and Organica took the time to prep me beforehand. I can't really tell if I did well enough be a shoe-in for the job. In fact, all I can really think about is what I didn't say. But, I did my best given the circumstances and I think I was able to get across my enthusiasm.

We'll see if I get the job. If nothing else, the experience reminded me how rusty I am regarding job interviews. I'll definitely start thinking about my interview answers this weekend so that I'll be prepared for any other impromptu interviews (keep your fingers crossed!).

It's rather cool that I can now say that I've experienced the inside track for a Hill interview. I am unbelievably thankful for all the help I've been given throughout this process and hopeful that given enough time and perseverance, I will finally be able to experience life as a Hill staffer.

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