DC Environmental Film Festival

Every year, I tell myself that I'm going to check out a few screenings of the D.C. Environmental Film Festival. Screenings happen all over the city--near my office, near my favorite bar/restaurant and even a short walk from my apartment complex. And yet, in the nine years that I've been in D.C., I still haven't gone. Hopefully, this year will be different.

The festival runs from March 11 to March 22 and includes screenings of 115 short and full-length films on a range of environmental topics. I think that I'll check out a few free screenings at at the Natural History Museum this weekend (Saving Luna, in particular, looks good). Next weekend, I'll probably check out the National Gallery's screening of Garbage Warrior and Radiant City--because I just love the NGA's Film Programs. Given that I'm trying to get as much exposure to the Spanish language as possible, I'll probably see Redes & VĂ¡monos con Pancho Villa! (not part of the DC EFF) this Sunday as well. Ah, I love free films!

I recommend that anyone who's interested in environmental issues, thinks that baby animals are cute, or likes to see the wild-human interface in action, check out the films to learn something new and (hopefully) emerge with a stronger respect of nature.

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