So many things on my mind

I spent most of the weekend studying Spanish. I'm on track to finish my Spanish books by the end of the month. Plus, I've started the habit of forming sentences and recalling words as they relate to my daily life. My Spanish vocabulary is rudimentary at best, but I'm learning. Floyd gave me a quick Spanish lesson on Saturday, which is was significant deed. He never wanted to speak to me in Spanish when we were dating because I'd always just give him a blank stare. How times have changed.

I plan on joining a Spanish Language group to practice my conversation skills. I also need to start watching novellas again and listening to Spanish music to give myself more varied exposure.

I still haven't signed up for a Spanish class. Mainly, I need to see if the accredited Saturday class I want to take would count as college intermediate level. I'd prefer a Saturday class given that I'm still hoping for a Hill job and don't think that it would be possible to be a new staffer and also take the alternative 3 hour Wednesday class offered by the USDA. The evenings are when all the receptions and happy hours take place, and I want to be able to take full advantage of them to meet more people. So if it turns out that the Saturday class is not the right level, I don't really know what I will do. But then, if I don't get a Hill job this whole issue will be moot.

The Hill
More calls into offices have been made for me during the past week. It is comforting, humbling and scary to have folks vouch for me. I don't want to disappoint anyone and I want to be sure that I'm able to pay them back when the time comes. I just need to focus on the first step, landing an interview, and relegate payback and thank you notes to after I've received and accepted an offer.

On a side note, an alumnus that I talked to about hill employment recommended that I read Chris Matthew's Hardball for insight into what really happens on the Hill. I have requested the book from a neighboring library, but in the meantime, I'm reading Life's a Campaign. It is very engaging and keeps me mindful of the "games people play" on the Hill and many other sectors for that matter. But as was pointed out, I think that I should reread The Prince.

Peace Corps Medical Review
I have three appointments scheduled this week to fill out my medical forms. I'm seeing an eye doctor tonight, an internist on Wednesday and a woman's health practitioner on Friday. I'm not looking forward to having every part of my body poked and answering personal questions, but I need to make sure that I'm in good health so that I can serve in the Peace Corps without any problems (especially if the nearest hospital is hundreds of miles away).

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