Bah, humbug (already)

I hate the holidays.

Of course, I like going home and spending a little quality time with my family and old friends, but there is just so much unnecessary pressure and hollowness associated with this season. Maybe it's all in my head...

Thanksgiving is definitely more laid back and enjoyable, but the crazy travel delays are overwhelming.

Christmas is a whole other animal that has been largely usurped by capitalist endeavors so that what was once holy is now subjugated to the dollar and the self.

Don't get me started on New Year's Eve. There is so much hype and pressure placed on that night. I know that I've had amazing Eves and quite boring, anxious Eves. There is so much pressure to usher in the New Year in style while drunk and snogging your chosen mate.

I don't think that I was always this way about the holidays and actually, I know exactly when things took a negative turn. I'm just glad that the season only lasts a month and a half. Then, we can all get back to our normal, miserable (!) lives and start paying off the debt that we racked up in empty hopes of making the holidays bright, cheerful, secular and picture-perfect.

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