I'm a DC Blogger too!

I signed up for a DC bloggers meet-up group that has monthly meetings and a discussion board. I joined because I want to become more active in the DC blogger community and because I would love to meet other bloggers and get advice on how to effectively grow my blog.

My concern is that once I meet other bloggers and share my blog's url, I'll lose my anonymity. Right now, only about seven people know about my blog and I'm certain that I want to keep the number under 10. I feel that I already censor my entries enough now (I learned my lesson after Floyd read my entries on Mr. Rebound.). I truly value my anonymity--the freedom to write about stuff without having to worry about it being attributed to me, and I don't want my blog to harm relationships with my current/future employer, friends, relatives, etc.

Anyway, I plan on attending the next DC bloggers happy hour because I want to become a face (and not just a url) in the DC blogging community.

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