Going on a Man Hunt

Going on a [man hunt]
I'm not afraid
Got a real good friend
By my side…
(I'm sure you remember the clapping and knee-slapping rhythm for this children's campfire song)

I was invited on a man hunt this Saturday, but I don't know if I should go. I know that it will be fun, but I'm a bit nervous about going out for the first time with the sole intention of flirting with guys. I guess I'm just so new to the whole single thing and it scares me beyond belief (especially after my missteps this summer).

It's pitiful that I lack the dating confidence and experience of most women my age—being in a serious relationship since 19 does that to you. My knowledge and experience with dating and guys is limited to a few anecdotes shared by high school and college friends. Let me be honest: I have no experience at all. I dated a guy in junior high for like a month and then, fast forward to freshman year, I started dating a 25 year old (My mom was not at all fond of the age difference). Being a wall-flower in high school and in a relationship during most of college limited my dating experiences.

The good thing about going out is that my chatty friend will show me how to effectively approach guys—about which I know nothing. Yet, I don't really see the point of man hunting at a bar given that most likely the guys there just want to get laid that night. So, if I do go out, I'm not going to seriously try to get or give out telephone numbers. Instead, I'll leave the man hunting to my friend and serve as a wing-woman for what is sure to be a memorable girl's night out.

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