Pilates: 1, Hippo Q: 0

I ventured to a Pilates class with A-M last night, and it was definitely an experience.

I took Pilates once in college but shunned the practice after struggling through an awful 60 minutes of trying to keep up with the instructor and a class seemingly packed with gymnasts and dancers.

I feel that I'm in the best shape of my life right now (even better shape than when I was a high school soccer player—and I was pretty solid back them). Yet, I still had the hardest time scooping, pointing, raising and lowering my legs and arms last night. I couldn't stop laughing at my own ineptitude—my legs/arms/head were just too darn heavy to "lift slowly while scooping." It was very humbling to realize that in spite of the fitness progress I've made this year, I have little to no core strength.

This morning, I can still feel the workout in my abs, lower back and legs, but instead of sensing defeat and conceding to the god/esses of Pilates, I've decided to add this class to my normal fitness routine. If the instructor's appearance was any indication, Pilates will surely do wonders for my body, posture and presence.

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