Olazzo Alone

I treated myself to a pasta dinner last night at Olazzo. I was a bit skeptical about the potential for an enjoyable meal given the slow service when I first arrived.

“Aren’t you waiting for the rest of your party?” the waiter asked. Hmm…isn’t that why the hostess removed the napkin and silverware from the opposite end of the table? So that you’d know I was dinning alone?

“No, I’m just waiting to be served,” I replied, tightly crossing my arms across my chest.

I don’t know what is so odd about a single, 26-year-old female going out alone for dinner on a Saturday night. It was late, I didn’t want to cook and I didn’t want to order the usual take-out. I’ve seen numerous other people (usually older men) eating alone. What’s wrong with me doing it? I used to get the same looks of pity mixed with wonder when I treated myself to celebratory solo dinners in Georgetown during freshman year.

The evening progressed nicely. At first, I was tempted to bring out my “eating-out-alone” armor, i.e., reading materials, my small writing notebook, etc. But once the bread arrived, I calmed down and began to enjoy the experience. Eating alone at a restaurant isn’t ideal—interesting conversation adds so much to a meal. But eating alone can be quite enjoyable.

I feasted on shrimp rose. The food was very satisfying on such a cold night, and I do believe that I’ll return to Olazzo with friends for half-priced martinis.

Before I headed home, I stopped at Starbucks for a devilishly sweet gingerbread latte. Mmm...

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