Dating 101: Divide & Conquer

I was the victim of divide and conquer. I know that I've been such a victim before, but this time I was very aware of its occurrence--perhaps, partly due to reading the amusing and thought-provoking, though rather juvenile, musings of Rooshv and Roissy.

Last night, at an alumni event I was chatting up this guy (Dude). I wasn't interested in him, just trying to be friendly and test my networking skills. A blonde chick standing nearby inserts herself into the conversation. A few minutes later, Dude's friend (Wingman) swoops in and starts talking to me. I take the bait and wonder off with Wingman, leaving Dude the freedom to apply his game on the blonde chick. This was a classic "divide and conquer" or whatever guys call it these days.

Summary: Wingman (6-7) swoops-in and rids Dude (7-8) of Average-Chick (6-7) so that the Dude can focus on Hotter-Chick (7-8).

Who knows if it was planned (and part of an unspoken Dude-Wingman agreement), I was just struck at how deft the whole maneuver was. The blonde got paired off with a compatible Dude and I was left with someone who I found interesting and perhaps, was a bit more "on my level."

Ah, "my level." I've come to accept "my level" (more or less). I'm at least 6 and I think I have the potential to be a 7. Unfortunately, instead of doing my best to ensure that my appearance and persona boost me to a 7, I lazily languish as a 6. Don't get me wrong, I get noticed by guys but my looks are better categorized as sweet and cute than hot and sexy.

So, based on my interpretation of the blog musings I mentioned early, my dating options are to find

1) A compatible 6-7,
2) An unfaithful (or in some other way defective) 8-9, or
3) A 4-5 with lots of money, superb bedroom skills and/or an amazing personality.

I'm aiming for option 1.


O said...

6-7 is the place to be! ;) I don't know about you, but I hate getting hit on, so I am content to be a little less "hot" than all those blondes who have to deal with horny guys. And I wouldn't want to date a guy who's just looking for a hot chick anyway.

The right man for you will think you're a perfect 10 just as you are! =)

Hippo Q. said...

"The right man for you will think you're a perfect 10 just as you are!"

Awww.... Thanks, O!

Indeed, I don't think I could deal with being hit on by lots of horny guys if I were a hot chick.