Don’t Pass the Salt!

Once again, salt is in the news.  The FDA held a public hearing yesterday during which advocates from the American Medical Association (AMA) joined consumer groups (e.g., Center for Science in the Public Interest) in calling for federal rules that limit the amount of salt in food and govern how sodium content is labeled on food packaging.  As an AMA representative stated, "Americans don't consume large amounts of salt because they request it, but often do so unknowingly because manufacturers and restaurants put it in."  Check out this ABC News article for a list of common food items that many of us don't associate with a lot of salt.

I've been a salt warrior for several years now (hence, saltwarfare), and I always try to limit my salt intake.  I know that Floyd used to comment that the food I liked was bland and needed salt, but I think his taste buds were just too accustomed to salty foods (as mine used to be).  Overtime, that can change.  There are just so many other amazing flavor enhancers out there that won't increase my cardiovascular health risks like salt.  So, pass the cayenne, paprika, cumin and basil, NOT the salt!

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