Traveling Solo

One of my "bright ideas" for 2008, before I pack my stuff for the Peace Corps (I'll be working on the application this holiday weekend!), is to travel abroad. I'm thinking about visiting the rainforests of Costa Rica/Belize or the ancient ruins of Italy/Greece. Given that I'll be gone for over two years for the Peace Corps, I may just stay in the States and have a blowout I-Love-the-USA week in NYC, Miami, New Orleans or San Diego.

If I go abroad in 2008, I want to do it alone. I was too scared to go to Paris alone this summer. I was afraid of getting robbed, scammed, or lost. But I believe I can find the courage to travel solo by this summer. Traveling solo will be more of a challenge, and therefore, more exhilarating. It will also provide immense time for introspection. I definitely had time for reflection in Paris, but I think I could have had even more time and space for musing if solo. And that's exactly what someone suffering from a post-midlife crisis needs (I'm about to turn 27!). I probably will get lonely on the trip—at least until I find others to tag-along with—but it will surely prepare me for the loneliness I'll feel as a new Peace Corps volunteer.

Anyone reading this blog who has traveled alone, please drop me a comment—any and all advice is welcome.

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