Other options for work

Okay, so I'm starting to resign myself to not being able to work on the Hill. And that frees up my brain to think of other enjoyable ways to spend my remaining workdays in D.C. So far, I've toyed with the idea of convincing Floyd to let me crash with him in San Diego. I've also thought about going home and volunteering at the neighborhood nature center while taking Spanish classes down the street at the community college. I thought of working on an organic farm in southern Georgia and of getting a campaign job, but both of those options probably wouldn't mesh with a summer class schedule. The other problem is that I need health insurance at least until I get medical clearance. Given that I've already paid for the first round of Spanish classes, I'm pretty sure that I'll be in D.C. until round 3 (the final round of intermediate Spanish) ends in December. So, I must start thinking creatively about job options in D.C.

Please don't let me be at my current job for more than another 1-3 months!!

So, what should I do? If I get a reasonably priced room somewhere in the city, I'd be free to work just about anywhere. Perhaps, as a retail clerk? A tour guide? I don't know. I had so many odd jobs back when I was a student, and it's exciting to think that I don't necessarily have to be tied to a "career position."

It would be awesome to get a job at a natural center as an environmental/outdoor educator. I could spend lots of time outdoors in all sorts of climates and working with kids and families. It's what I'll probably be doing as a PCV, so it would be good preparation.

I really need a change and it would also be awesome to do something truly different during the rest of the year. We'll see what happens. Right now, I need to focus on preparing my taxes (blah!) and reviewing Spanish.


Monica said...

I'm there for you!! I'll help you move and get the heck out of here asap!

Hippo Q. said...

For the record, Monica is also waiting for her "big break." I wish her, and all my other friends who are making a major transition this year, well.

Heather said...

Working at a nature center and taking classes sounds sooooo nice. I haven't had the chance to just do a job-job (vs. a job that will supposedly progress my career) in so long. I think it would feel like a breath of fresh air.
Good luck! I will live vicariously through your summer of freedom.